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Join Us in Making 2013 a Year of Great Marketing Karma! Jan 13, 2013

We all hope for a better future. But there is a profession that has just the right skill set to shape the world around us for the better if only it is given the right opportunity – and that profession is marketing.

That is why at the start of this New Year we are inviting individual marketers, marketing teams and indeed whole organisations large and small to join us and our causes in taking marketing for good to a whole new level of creativity, scale and impact – and to make 2013 a Year of Great Marketing Karma.

As part of the Year of Great Marketing Karma, we shall be partnering with ad agency CMW London to run a digital campaign to engage more marketers in contributing more talent and expertise to more causes. We won’t lift the veil on this campaign just yet – but you will be hearing a lot more about it very soon.

Paul Skinner with Ben & Jerry

Ben and Jerry the legendary founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice- cream join the Pimp My Cause team and other leading marketers in the Virgin Money Board Room courtesy of Virgin Money Giving to brainstorm plans for the Year of Great Marketing Karma.

We are also pulling together a string of collaborative initiatives with a whole host of marketing agencies and partner organisations. Initiatives will range from a niche London design agency that will be offering one cause brand makeover per month for each month of the Year to one of the largest ad agencies in the world selecting two of our causes to benefit from their behaviour change service by a team led by their own vice-chairman.

We’ll be ramping up our work with professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing who are already offering their members the chance to earn CPD points towards their Chartered Marketer status by contributing their talent through Pimp My Cause and who will be contributing to our thought leadership on what “good marketing karma” could really mean as a measure of net contribution to society.

And we’ll be launching a new programme for elite marketing teams to deliver the most transformational impacts we have yet seen on Pimp My Cause.

Most of these initiatives begin when people and organisations get in touch with us and ask to collaborate. How would you like to be involved in the Year of Great Marketing Karma? What role could your organisation play?

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