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Pimp My Cause Reveals All on Morally Marketed

In a recent interview on Paul Skinner, co-founder of the Agency of the Future and founder of Pimp My Cause, shared his inspiration for creating the Pimp My Cause platform, the collaborations under way for the Year of Great Marketing Karma and plans for the future.

Stuart Ralph, founder of Morally Marketed, discovered Pimp My Cause through the Karma Audit Campaign earlier this year. He was daring enough to have his career karma tested and he was not happy with the result (even though it was a very high score), so he signed up for Pimp My Cause and is currently supporting a cause member with his marketing skills.

Stuart created Morally Marketed in 2012 to address his concern that in marketing "Little or no consideration was ever put forth for the consequences of the messages being sent to the consumer." His love of marketing drove him to create the Morally Marketed website to highlight the best practices in marketing and motivate marketers to "...shift the future of marketing to not only benefit our profits but also enrich the well being of mankind."

We are very pleased to have the Pimp My Cause site featured on Morally Marketed along with other great examples of marketing for good!

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