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Paul's upcoming talk at the Museum of London

Paul Skinner speaks at the Museum of London

I'm looking forward to speaking on Wednesday at the Museum of London to an audience of representatives from the UN, the International Red Cross, NGOs, academia and think tanks about opportunities for open and collaborative approaches to humanitarian response.

We will be discussing the ways in which the humanitarian system needs to evolve to fit the changing crisis environment and exploring how the sector can work together to address some of the legacy challenges of individual and organisational learning and development.

Crises are becoming more frequent, more complex and more distributed around the globe. They are taking place in a rapidly changing information and communications environment and involving a broader range of actors with a wider range of interests and activities.

This poses challenges to the system that require joined up and collective approaches on an unprecedented scale. Our ability to work together across organisational boundaries may prove the measure of our ability to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of complex disasters.

- Paul Skinner

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