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Announcing Save The Children as new client

Humanitarian Leadership Academy works with Paul Skinner

We are delighted to announce a new client relationship with Save the Children.

The relationship will see the Agency of the Future develop a strategic vision for a major new initiative, pioneered by Save the Children, to engage a broad, networked global community in collectively out-thinking disaster.

The aim is to support a transformation in global disaster prevention, preparedness and response over the next ten years. This is made necessary by a rapidly escalating crisis landscape with humanitarian disasters becoming more frequent, more complex in their impacts and affecting more and more parts of the world.

The initiative is a substantial undertaking and a £50 million fund is being raised from major donors including the Department for International Development of the British Government to support the work.

The Agency of the Future will be working with Save the Children and their partners to develop the strategy, structure and function for the proposed new multi-stakeholder, networked institution. The new organization will support radical innovation in the way aid agencies, governments, civil society and the private sector work together to understand the demands of the evolving crisis landscape; to develop enhanced approaches to organizational response and to provide the right learning and development opportunities to the broad range of groups who may be called on to respond to the humanitarian needs of their communities.

This work builds upon our previous experience in international development and humanitarian crisis response, working with DFID, Bond the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies and others.

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