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Top social media tips for 2014 from IAB: featuring Yahoo, Microsoft, Unicef, Cabinet Office and Pimp

Paul joined other marketing leaders in contributing tips for success in 2014 for an article published in the Drum on 15/1/14.

At its first meeting of 2014, the IAB Social Media Council got together to share thoughts on the year ahead. Here, the members unveil their tips, in Twitter-sized breakdowns.

Turn isolated social tactics into integrated marketing strategies and deliver genuine return. --Sophia Amin, director of marketing and communications, IAB

Don’t have a digital strategy – have a strategy for the digital world. --Julian Grainger, director of media strategy, Unique Digital

Empower to grow – think about people, not platforms. --Laila Takeh, head of digital engagement, UNICEF

Make the most of social data in 2014! Identity is key to engagement so learn those identities! #socialLogin --Richard Parboo, media industry director EMEA, Janrain

Harness the power of free social media tools. In Gov we still need to save ££ and all marketers can learn to do more with less. --Anthony Simon, head of digital communications, Prime Minister's Office & Cabinet Office

Top social media tips for 2014

Make sure your social content is true to your values. Don’t lose your authenticity. --Ashraf Kamel, LinkedIn

Content = story-centric, not platform-centric. It’s all about the unification of shareable content. --Pete Durant, social media director, Manning Gottlieb OMD

2014 will be an interesting year for sequential messaging to drive engagement.--Harriet Pierce, senior account manager, Essence

Resolve to make your biggest difference yet & support causes in whatever way works best for your brand. --Paul Skinner, founder, Pimp My Cause

Don’t forget social content at events. It’s not just about bigging up the speaker.--Katie Streten, senior strategist, Imagination

In 2014, FB is paid-only for brands. Make sure the CMO gets it, optimise spend so it performs & GET BUDGET! --Marc Blinder, EMEA director social strategy team, Adobe

Forget what you know about FB, the rules have changed. If you want to play, you have to pay. -- Richard Pentin, group planning director, TMW

Focus on privacy concerns and pay attention to #mayfly platforms. --Andy Way, head of social, MediaCom

Media owners, social media agencies, & practitioners: break out of the silos to make the most of social media. --John Pritchard, brand partnerships and social media lead, Microsoft

Social teams should have two core skills: SEO + mobile video editing. --Edoardo Cassina, head of social marketing EMEA, Yahoo

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