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Paul Wins Consultant of the Year Award

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has named Paul Consultant of the Year at their Northern Awards.

At the awards dinner in Liverpool the judges said, “Paul Skinner led the field as the runaway winner in this category. We were very impressed by Paul’s ethical approach and the role he has played in raising the profile of marketing as a leading strategic discipline and as a discipline that can make a powerful societal contribution.”

The award recognised Paul's thought leadership in placing collaborative engagement at the heart of organizational strategy, raising the status of marketing in the board room.

He said, “The business world has been overly dominated by financiers who built models of organizational strategy based on the careful control of internal resources in isolation; our more interconnected world demands that marketing take centre-stage because even the largest organisations are dependent for their success upon the contributions of broader stakeholder groups that they can influence but not control. This is not just good for marketing – it’s good for society because it rewards organisations that can show the public that they make a contribution to improving people's lives."

As well as his client work at the Agency of the Future, Paul was recognised for his work as founder of Pimp My Cause. Pimp My Cause is a social venture that unlocks the potential of the marketing profession in support of charities and social enterprises through a matching platform that allows any marketer or marketing team to find the right cause to fall in love with and support with their marketing talent.

Pimp My Cause partners with The Marketing Society and other professional organisations, leading agencies such as the Stack Agency, Ogilvy, Chime Communications and a number of leading corporate brands. It has contributed more than £15m of social value in only three years.

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