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Sony marketers collaborate with Pimp My Cause to support small charities

There are many great small charities in the UK that provide incredible services and opportunities. But they often struggle to get the marketing support they need to grow their organisations and deliver more benefits to the people that need them most.

Through a new partnership between the Agency of the Future's spin-off initiative Pimp My Cause and the Sony Mobile Communications North European marketing team five great causes have been gaining just the marketing support they need to help them achieve their next level of impact.

Sony Mobile Challenge with Pimp My Cause

The charities and social enterprises that are gaining support from Sony are: Upbeat, a charity that supports people with mental health through music; Springboard for Children that provides one-on-one tutoring to improve child literacy; the International Refugee Trust that gives long-term support to refugees; SportInspired that connects children with a sport they love; and FABED that helps families with Eosinophilic conditions.

Paul Skinner, the founder of Pimp My Cause, said “Sony has developed unique capabilities in marketing insight, planning and communication. Each group of Sony marketers has worked with their chosen cause to apply those capabilities to helping them to overcome the unique challenges facing their organisation”.

Catherine Cherry, the Marketing Director of Sony Mobile, North West Europe, said, “Getting the chance to work with these causes has been a great inspiration for our marketers. And applying their marketing skills in a new context has been a useful way to further develop the talent we have in our team”.

Katie Kurilecz, Communications and Fundraising Manager at the International Refugee Trust, said, “Our Sony team has helped us to refine our message and create a marketing plan that we can put into action to engage new donors. This work will make a huge difference to the refugee families that desperately need our support”.

Sony now plans to make the Challenge an annual event, which opens the doors for many more charities to benefit.

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