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Paul Skinner at Philosophie & Management Conference

Paul Skinner’s work on Collaborative Advantage will explore how traditional ‘competitive’ models of business influence our thinking on strategy and hold us back. In his workshop on May 17th we will use his Outside In framework and its accompanying strategic audit questions as tools to help us take a new starting point in our thinking on strategy and to overcome our inherent biases. Join us on May 17th to use the Outside In methodology to re-imagine the structure and function of your organisation, programme, initiative or campaign as a platform for external participation.

The day will help you think differently about the organisation you run or the activities you lead within it and to see new possibilities for action as a result. As a word of caution, when these models are adopted, they can be highly disruptive. And although we can decide whether or not to adopt them ourselves, there is nothing we can do to stop others from adopting them and re-writing the rules of our sectors!

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