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Shall we talk Collaborative Advantage?

BT It's good to talk ad campaign

Do you, like me, remember with fondness the iconic British Telecom ad campaign ‘It’s good to talk’?

One of the best ways to learn more about an idea is to talk about it to diverse audiences with varied purposes and interests.

I’ve just returned from speaking about my book Collaborative Advantage at a management and philosophy network in Brussels where questions ranged from evolutionary biology to international relations.

The group was particularly interested in the importance of finding new frameworks and ways of working that can help us overcome the cognitive biases we may have inherited from the dominance of the idea of competitive advantage. Such biases can limit our thinking and actions and leave potential value un-created. Overcoming them can unlock that hidden value with potentially transformational outcomes.

Each time I talk about my ideas with a new group, I take on their reactions, their questions and their stories and work with them to develop my thinking even further and to understand Collaborative Advantage and how it can be developed in new ways.

Are you involved in a group that would like to hear more about Collaborative Advantage?

We’re organising a range of book events at the moment in the form of talks, workshops and ‘evenings with the author’. If you would like to create an event together please get in touch. I’ll look forward to further collaborating with you!

My thanks to Diane Earles for her kind comments on my CIM Levitt Group Five Great Minds talk from April 18th 2018 at the Lowry Theatre:

"Paul is an inspiring, engaging and confident speaker. He takes the audience on a journey, helping them explore new ideas and ways of working. One moment he has you contemplating our shared humanity and the next you're laughing out loud. He's a joy to listen to!"

– Diane Earles, Network Manager, CIM

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