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The launch of Collaborative Advantage

Panel discussion with Mark Evans, Celia Pronto and Steve Walker

Paul Skinner's book Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success launched on Friday.

The launch event at the Museum of Brands brought together an incredible group of business, academic, NGO and civil society leaders to celebrate and debate the important concept of Collaborative Advantage.

Chris Griffin, CEO of the Museum of Brands, introduced Paul and spoke about Paul's role on the Museum's advisory board and their plans to use Collaborative Advantage to reach their growth targets.

Ben Stevenson, Commercial Director of EMR, spoke about EMR's partnership with Pimp My Cause and why they wanted to sponsor the book launch.

Book launch for Collaborative Advantage

Paul introduced Collaborative Advantage and invited three friends and collaborators whom he greatly admires to join him at the front of the room to share the business challenges they face and how they are using Collaborative Advantage to overcome them.

Paul chaired the panel discussion with Mark Evans, CMO of Direct Line Group, Celia Pronto, Chief Customer Officer of the Casual Dining Group, and Steve Walker, former CMO of Sony Mobile and Director of Two-Sides, which provided great examples of Collaborative Advantage in practice.

Paul Skinner's book signing for Collaborative Advantage

The discussion was followed by a book signing and an opportunity for guests to tour the Museum's legendary Time Tunnel, which presents branded artifacts from the past 200 years.

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