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Coop News Book Review

A new day dawns for the world's economic system - and the collaborative model might suit it best

Collaborative Advantage reviewed in Coop News

Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success: Paul Skinner, Robinson, 2018.

If there is a common theme to discussions of the economy – from local to global level – it is that we are undergoing a period of huge change.

This has prompted the co-operative movement to argue that new business models, based on collaboration rather than competition, are better suited to the challenges and opportunities this brings.

It’s an idea taken up in this new book from Paul Skinner. He is the founder of Agency of the Future, a collaborative business consultancy, and Pimp My Cause, which assists charities and social enterprises.

Modern technology has brought new opportunities for mass collaboration, he argues – and collaboration is more effective than competition for mobilising. staff, customers and other stakeholders. It fosters innovation, allows growth to outstrip resources, brings a better understanding of value creation, and brings “a true understanding of human decision-making”.

But how can businesses take advantage of this? Skinner argues that new ways of thinking are needed to transform business strategy and marketing.

The whole review is available on page 48 of the August edition of Coop News or on the Coop News website.

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