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Brand partnerships: Who's your perfect match?

Any Admap readers may enjoy my article in this month’s issue​, Brand partnerships: Who's your perfect match?

"The optimal value-creation process is almost always more collective than we realise. Our ability to work with and across the business eco-systems in which we operate is increasingly becoming the determining factor of our success. The range and rate of challenges facing our brands and businesses can leave us both out of our depth and out of our breadth if we rely on going it alone. "This issue of ADMAP is dedicated to one source of potential Collaborative Advantage: brand partnerships. But what is unique about them? Why are they becoming more important? What hidden potential might we use them to achieve? And what factors should we consider when getting started?"

The full article is available at:

Other articles in this month's addition include:

  • Finding our X: A strategic framework for collaboration by Adam Morgan, eatbigfish

  • McLaren: Driving performance through partnership by Henry Chilcott, McLaren Group

  • Symbiotic brand strategies by Faris Yakob, Genius Steals

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