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Is it time to repurpose your enterprise?

My next book will focus on the art of repurposing organisations.

My intention when I agreed the topic with my publisher last year was to draw on examples of crises to show how extreme challenges can bring out the very best in us and create a context in which we can find ways to build back better.

Little did I know that I would be working on the early research and drafting of the book during the lockdown phase of a global pandemic!

Are you considering ways to repurpose your organisation to support your stakeholders in getting through the challenges and knock-on effects of COVID-19? How do you believe we can re-emerge stronger?

Do let me know if you’d like to feed your examples into my research, or discuss how your organisation can not only come back stronger but also in so doing help us all to forge a clearer path to a prosperous and resilient future.

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