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The launch of MarketingKind

Over the last few months I've been working with a fantastic group of marketing leaders to create MarketingKind. It's a membership community dedicated to better advancing humankind through outcome-oriented gatherings and ongoing collaborations. And it now also runs the Pimp My Cause free matching platform.

On Thursday we held the launch gathering for MarketingKind, which explored the question 'What if marketing wasn't selfish?'. You can view the full replay below.

It was a great discussion with brilliant contributions from:

  • John Grant, strategist and author of Greener Marketing

  • Caroline Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer for IBM Global Markets

  • Mandy Bobrowski, Marketing Director of Divine Chocolate

  • Célia Pronto, Managing Director of Love Home Swap

  • Steve Walker, Director of Two-sides and Chair of MarketingKind

  • Laura Kehoe, Founder of the Dear Green Santa campaign

We encouraged everyone to pledge to take action steps to create more unselfish marketing. And as a result Divine Chocolate and several individual marketers are now supporting the Dear Green Santa campaign.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can play a part in the MarketingKind community please contact

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