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 ‘Collaborative Advantage  offers the perfect recipe for successful businesses that improve lives'

- Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founders of Ben and Jerry's


Paul Skinner


Agency of the Future network

We work with some of the country’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs and social innovators and​ have expertise in sectors ranging from FMCG to education, from multi-nationals to charities. Our network’s capabilities are leveraged as needed to contribute to client work on a project-by-project basis.

Paul is the pioneer of Collaborative Advantage, which is a radical alternative to Competitive Advantage. He is the author of Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success, which is a practical guide to organisational strategy. Collaborative Advantage draws on Paul’s client work with diverse organisations such as PwC, the UN, Sony, Save the Children, Co-operatives UK and many startups and entrepreneurial ventures.


Paul is also the founder of MarketingKind, a community of business leaders, marketers and change-makers that come together to tackle social and environmental problems through volunteering, through their brands and businesses and through their activism. MarketingKind runs the pro bono marketing platform Pimp My Cause, which Paul often describes as a living laboratory of Collaborative Advantage in action.

The Cabinet Office named Paul as one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs. He is an advisory board member for the Museum of Brands and an Expert Advisor for the Future Strategy Club.


The Book

Collaborative Advantage:

How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success

Published by Little, Brown Books on 22 June, 2018.

Available on Amazon and in bookstores across the UK.

‘The new business formula in a world of open innovation and creativity is about getting on and not just getting ahead. Co-operation is no longer a niche. It is a core competence. This book by Paul Skinner, the great advocate of Collaborative Advantage, is a handbook for success in this new commercial world.’

- Ed Mayo Secretary General, Co-operatives UK

Praise for Collaborative Advantage

A valuable contribution to the vital task of getting people to see the business world as a complex, interconnected ecosystem rather than as a sharp-elbowed race to the bottom.’

- Rory Sutherland Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK and the Spectator’s Wiki Man

‘This is a profound provocation as to the imperative of a collaborative mind-set in an ever more volatile world. Paul has defined a model, and brought it to life with a wide variety of helpful examples, making it applicable to almost any challenge a business or brand might face.’

- Mark Evans Chief Marketing Officer, Direct Line Group

'Truly paradigm-shifting books are rare, but Paul's argument seems to me both revolutionary and inevitable.'

- Alison Jones, coach, strategist and host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club and author of This Book Means Business

'A powerful approach for ambitious and brave leaders. This book will undoubtedly enable you to overcome big challenges and encourage you to make the changes you want to see.'

- Gemma Greaves, Chief Executive of The Marketing Society


‘Use this book from the pioneer of Collaborative Advantage to grow your business exponentially and make competition for losers.’

- Sir Tom Shebbeare Chairman Virgin Startup and Virgin Money Giving

‘We live in a world where collaboration and collaborative culture are key to unlocking future success. In this work Paul Skinner has set out a highly precious set of gems for anyone tackling a complex task. Whether in business, not-for-profit or social environments, this is a must read.’

- Damian Ryan Author of Understanding Digital Marketing and Partner of Moore Stephens

Talks and Workshops

We offer talks and workshops on the topic of Collaborative Advantage, which can be customised for the group or audience.

Talks explore how Collaborative Advantage can help to restore human purpose and our innate capacity for co-operation to the heart of business strategy. They present methods for creating Collaborative Advantage to help you to achieve greater results more efficiently and mobilise staff and other stakeholders around a common purpose.


Previous keynotes include:

  • Creating Collaborative Advantage

  • Survival of the Friendliest

  • On Purpose

  • Marketing for World Changers

Workshops are dedicated to maximising the Collaborative Advantage your organisation can create. They help you to address the priorities you identify in growing the value of your business through Collaborative Advantage.

Recent interviews

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‘When we began I was a skeptic. Paul changed my mind, which is one of the greatest gifts a person can give you. Collaborative Advantage is wise and powerful.’

- Richard Davies, journalist and co-host of the How do we fix it? Podcast


‘Paul is an inspiring, engaging and confident speaker. He takes the audience on a journey, helping them explore new ideas and ways of working. One moment he has you contemplating our shared humanity and the next you're laughing out loud. He's a joy to listen to!’

- Diane Earles, Network Manager at The Chartered Institute of Marketing


Advisory Services

Our advisory services help you to lead transformational change by embedding Collaborative Advantage at the heart of your:

  • Purpose

  • Strategy

  • Brand

  • Value propositions

  • Innovation

  • Engagement

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‘A refreshing and optimistic take on the opportunities a collaborative mindset can open up for business. Paul Skinner speaks from experience....and it shows.’

- Paul George Senior Partner and Head of International Development, PwC

Previous clients include...

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Visit our News column to explore our recent projects.


Collaborative Advantage

Conventional competition-based approaches to strategy may no longer work like they used to and can actively hold an organisation back, preventing it from achieving its goals.


We offer an alternative model that enables you to use the concept of Collaborative Advantage to drive a greater level of success that is better for you, better for your customers and better for society.

We enable you to:

  • De-couple your potential for growth from the level of resource your organisation controls.

  • Mobilise staff, partners, collaborators, customers and partners around a common purpose that gets everyone who counts firmly on your side.

  • Foster improved innovation, reach more customers or beneficiaries, build greater loyalty, generate greater income and forge more ambitious partnerships.

The result is a more valuable business, with happier customers in a stronger society.



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