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Positive change through enterprise

‘Paul’s book is a necessary and enlightening call to action for businesses to re-think why they exist and the implications for everything they say, think and do'

Mike Berners-Lee, author of There is no Planet B

‘Collaborative Advantage offers the perfect recipe for successful businesses that improve lives'

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield,

Co-Founders of Ben and Jerry's

Paul Skinner

Paul Skinner

I work on changing the stories we live and work by for the better.

Not just the tightly controlled stories of marketing messages but the deeper stories that shape our perceptions, thoughts, intentions and achievements.

Through my advisory work I support leaderships teams in raising their ambition for their stakeholders as well as enjoying a greater level of success for their organisations and through my books I propose new ideas around which we can mobilise positive change through enterprise.


I also run the MarketingKind membership community to bring together business leaders, marketers and change-makers interested in solving the world's most pressing problems.

Work with me to address your challenges to achieve your own Purpose Upgrade and build Collaborative Advantage with your most important stakeholders.



‘...a business you cannot be successful – nor call yourself successful – in a society that fails. Impact and leadership come with responsibility, and this book offers must-have insights for leaders from across all industries.’ 

Feike Sijbesma, CEO of Royal DSM (2007–2020) and UN Humanitarian of the Year 2010


This brilliantly original work weaves a fascinating range of cutting-edge ideas into a cogent argument for fundamentally rethinking how organisations understand and pursue their core purpose. It is a book full of humanity and hope.’

Gareth Owen OBE, Humanitarian Director of Save the Children

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The Purpose Upgrade:

Change your Business to Save the World. Change the World to Save your Business.

Published by Little, Brown Books on 22 September, 2022

Collaborative Advantage:

How Collaboration Beats Competition as a Strategy for Success

Published by Little, Brown Books on 22 June, 2018

Talks and workshops

I offer talks and workshops on The Purpose Upgrade or Collaborative Advantage, which can be customised for the group or audience.

‘Paul is an inspiring, engaging and confident speaker. He takes the audience on a journey, helping them explore new ideas and ways of working. One moment he has you contemplating our shared humanity and the next you're laughing out loud. He's a joy to listen to!’

Diane Earles, Network Manager at The Chartered Institute of Marketing

‘When we began I was a skeptic. Paul changed my mind, which is one of the greatest gifts a person can give you. Collaborative Advantage is wise and powerful.’

Richard Davies, journalist and co-host of the How do we fix it? Podcast


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Talks and Workshops
Advisory Services

Advisory Services


Through bespoke advisory services I help leadership teams create transformational change by:

  • Upgrading oranisational purpose

  • Defining the brand

  • Building value propositions

  • Designing innovation

  • And developing collaborative engagement strategies

‘A refreshing and optimistic take on the opportunities a collaborative mindset can open up for business. Paul Skinner speaks from experience....and it shows.’

Paul George Senior Partner and Head of International Development, PwC

Current and past clients include...

Visit the News column to explore our recent projects.

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